Our Story

Welcome to the Pure One world!

We are Maryna Plotnykova and Nina Shershnova. We were always concerned about environmental issues and wanted to create a project with a meaning.

We chose the fashion industry as it is one of the most pollutive in the world and decided to make our impact in Sustainable and ethical direction from the very beginning.

We didn't want anyone to choose between beauty and eco-friendliness and decided to create clothes that would be elegant as well as sustainable.

We started to search for the most environmentally friendly solutions with a goal to create eco-friendly clothes with a huge social impact, with respect to women who wear it, with respect to the nature and all people who create it.

We communicated with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, studied the conditions of their work and checked the certificates of organics.

We passed several courses on sustainable fashion, visited largest exhibitions in Munich and London and selected the best partners which could guarantee environmental friendliness of fabrics at all stages of production and safety for the skin and the environment.

Finally we found the factory near our native city Kyiv to control the quality and working conditions of seamstresses personally.

We called our brand Pure One to show its eco friendliness, consciousness, kindness and respect. Pure One means not just pure fabrics and pure clothes, but also pure mind, pure heart, pure values and pure world.

Be kind, be conscious, be Pure one! – this is our main message to the planet.

Now we use all resources as efficiently as possible and turn leftover fabrics into accessories. We support charitable, educational and social initiatives and transfer part of our income to charitable organisations.

Our target is to become not only sustainable, but also a regenerative company.


In August 2021 Pure One showed its new collection created from luxurious hemp, organic peace silk and organic cotton decorated with artisan embroidery.
With this collection we won the contest organised by New Fashion Zone and got the opportunity of mentoring by the french professionals of fashion industry.

We also took part in the Be Sustainable Space organised by the Ukrainian Fashion Week.

The past few years have been challenging for our native country, Ukraine, and for our brand due to the Russian invasion. Despite the prolonged disruption to our work, our dedication to crafting new collections, exploring innovative fabrics, and devising creative solutions never wavered. This perseverance propelled us forward, culminating in our latest collection, Roots,  now available on our website. Created amidst the turmoil of war, it remains inspired by life.

In February 2024, we are excited to unveil a new collection, drawing inspiration from the rich history of Ukraine. Stay updated by subscribing to our Instagram account at https://www.instagram.com/bepureone/. Don't miss this upcoming release!




Maryna Plotnykova and Nina Shershnova