Collection: Breathe

The past year has been marked by crises in many areas, pandemics and deteriorating environmental situation around the world. A record number of fires across the planet has reduced millions of hectares of forests, claimed the lives of tens of thousands of people and billions of animals. All these events are reflected in our collection.

Black and grey colors in the collection symbolise ash and light shades and flowers symbolise rebirth and belief that together we can restore the Earth's natural resources.

The collection is decorated with patterns in various embroidery techniques with elements of flame that envelops the planet, along with them, elements of algae, which give every second sip of oxygen on Earth. After all, most of the oxygen is produced by these mini-factories.

And, of course, the composition of fabrics speaks for itself. The collection includes garments made of organic peace silk, organic velvet, ethical wool, ramie and recycled cotton.