Collection: Roots Summer

Last years were extremely hard for everyone, especially for our native country, Ukraine.

We couldn't proceed our work for a long time, but finally made this drop to show the world our willingness to live, to create, to win!

All fabrics for this drop were carefully chosen from the best sustainable suppliers and have a GOTS certificate. It ensures cotton is sourced in the most sustainable way, from seed to stitch.

The vegan leather in Chestnut color reminds us of our Motherland and of beautiful chestnuts that blossom throughout Kyiv. 

Hand-knitted pockets, cuffs and fringing were made to remember our huge harvests and determined farmers who continued gathering their crops even under fire.

This collection is also complemented by dresses made of organic peace silk, as a symbol of kindness and peace, which will certainly come when good triumphs over evil.