How to raise eco-responsibility in children

Maryna Plotnykova, co-founder of Pure One, told how to instill in a child a love for nature and a caring attitude to the environment.

You need to start raising your baby, of course, with raising yourself.

If you have not yet started sorting garbage, do it together, replace the polyethylene with cloth bags or nets, or at least reusable zip bags in which you can buy cereals by weight.

Even at the youngest age, you can start telling your child about the importance of nature, the need for care for the environment, where and when garbage occurs, how it is recycled, how to reduce its amount. This can be done in the format of a fairy tale or a fun game.

Every month we take a big garbage bag and go for a walk around the area with the children. Unfortunately, there is a lot of garbage everywhere and the package is typed quickly.

I teach children to use reusable cups and tubes, donate old clothes and toys, save water and energy, eat simple and plant-based food, take care about the plants, animals and the world around.

I am sure that when a child lives in an environment where caring for nature is the norm, he will grow up eco-responsible. And to bring up such way of thinking it is possible only by the example.

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