Why to choose linen

Our linen clothes are made of locally sourced linen. It is low in CO2 emissions. Our producer is based in EU not far from us, that's why we know who works there and we can assure absolutely fair production and Oeko-Tex® certification.

And here are some interesting facts about linen.

  • Each year one hectare of flax retains 3,7 tons of CO2².
  • Linen requires only natural percipitation, which means there is no irrigation needed, and it can live off of natural rain falls, where as cotton will need an average of 7000l of water for one pair of jeans, and twice the amount of pesticides.
  • Flax cultivation has positive effects on eco-system diversity and offers a welcome environmental pause for soil quality, bio-diversity and landscapes.
  • Linen is the strongest natural fiber. It is thicker and more durable than cotton, making it the perfect material for timeless design.
  • Over time the fabric becomes softer.
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