Textile made of milk

One more innovative and sustainable textile is a QMilk. It is produced from milk that is no longer fit for consumption as food or tradable. The ready textile feels soft as silk on the skin, is ecological, and biodegradable.

The founder of the company is Anke Domaske who originally was searching for chemically untreated clothing for her stepfather with cancer. Eventually, milk proteins came to her interest. Those had already been processed to textiles in the 1930s, but the fibers were treated with various chemicals and produced in a complex process.

Qmilk started as a classic start-up – however not in a garage, but in a kitchen. The necessary equipment was bought in a grocery store for about 200,- Euros. In April 2011 the Qmilch GmbH was founded. There now are a group of companies that are engaged in the production of fibers, cosmetics, and biopolymers, based on milk proteins and other natural and renewable raw materials.
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