Pure One: sustainable fashion from Ukraine. Full story

This story started 35 years ago when Maryna Plotnykova and Nina Shershnova, the owners of the sustainable brand were born in a small city in the Eastern Germany. They both had dads military men and moms who worked as teachers.

They both moved to the South of Ukraine where lived in one building, studied in one school and had so many in common, that when they met in Kyiv in many years and became best friends, it was obvious to create something together.

Before creating Pure One, Maryna Plotnykova and Nina Shershnova had worked in different fields. Nina worked as a financial director, Maryna as a marketer and organiser of different projects such as a conference on ecology, the biggest festival on healthy living etc.

Being best friends for many years girls wanted to create something special together, something, that will make the world a better place.

They realised that they both worried about the ecological situation that happened to our planet. They were especially struck by the fact that the fashion industry takes the second place after the oil and gas industry in terms of environmental pollution by waste.

They decided to create clothes caring for nature and customers and plunged into the search for the most environmentally friendly solutions. Their goal was to create eco-friendly clothes with a huge social impact, with respect to women who wear it, with respect to the nature and all people who create it.

It was a long and exciting way. They communicated with hundreds of manufacturers around the world, studied the conditions of their work and checked the certificates of organics. They passed several courses on sustainable fashion, visited largest exhibitions in Munich and London and selected the best partners which could guarantee environmental friendliness of fabrics at all stages of production and safety for the skin and the environment.

Brand's suppliers craft low-impact fabrics and use waste from wood, fruit and other natural materials to create their textiles. They also try alternative ways of dyeing their fabrics or searching for materials that biodegrade more easily once thrown away.

Maryna and Nina wanted to provide local women with work, that's why for the ready clothes production they found the factory near Kyiv to control the quality and working conditions of seamstresses personally.

The name
They called their brand Pure One to show its eco friendliness, kindness and respect. Pure One means not just pure fabrics and pure clothes, but also pure mind, pure heart, pure values and pure world. Be kind, be conscious, be Pure one! – this is the main brand's message.

Maryna and Nina call their style conscious elegance and prove that sustainable clothes can be exclusive and beautiful. They follow, but do not chase fashion trends so that you do not have to change your wardrobe several times a year.

In their collections they use organic cotton, banana and peace silk, eco-friendly linen, hemp and other sustainable fabrics. They don't use polyester, even recycled, because it takes hundreds of years to decompose and can lead to microfibres escaping into the environment.

In July Pure One will show their new collection created from luxurious hemp, organic peace silk and organic cotton decorated with artisan embroidery. Collection is inspired by silk moths and light of the sun, because peace silk used here was made the peaceful way and the silk worms have emerged as beautiful moths and flown away to dance in the light, leaving the cocoons for production.

Pure One uses all resources as efficiently as possible and turn leftover fabrics into accessories. They even accept their clothes back when you don't want to wear it.

Maryna and Nina support charitable, educational and social initiatives and transfer part of their income to charitable organisations.

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